#MondayMaskOff – Self Love

Have you ever spent 24/7 with someone for your whole life? Sounds crazy but that someone is YOU. You are always spending time with yourself. Are you taking care of yourself? You take care of others and spend time in others company but you may be putting yourself on the back burner.

I think one of the keys to happiness is to think about yourself a little more and to create your own happiness. It’s not greedy, it’s necessary. Give yourself some love and take this Monday (or any day for that matter) to treat yourself to a face mask and ponder these thoughts!

First, I’ll share my face mask, duh! Today I tired the OLEHENRIKSEN Cold Plunge Pore Mask which felt like a delicious dip into cold ice water. I took 15 minutes to myself today and gave my skin the love it seriously needed and flipped through some magazines and gave my mind a second to rest. Away from work, away from my phone and not doubting myself on what I could accomplish for the day.

Like I said, you spend the most time with YOU. Would you let your partner or your bestie talk about themselves the same way you would talk to yourself? Take a moment to really praise yourself as you’re killing it in whatever stage of life you’re in! Whether you are working long hours or you’re a mom hustling through the day, you need to take a breather and give yourself some love. You deserve it.

We live in a current state where perfect pictures of happiness are portrayed everyday, I even find myself falling into this trap on the daily. Realize that no two people are the same, but everyone has their own demons and struggles. Perfection is not real or attainable. Happiness is attainable! Create it yourself.

If you need some positive thoughts to ponder on while you mask off, I’m putting some of my favorites below. I just found a new artist on Instagram called subliming and I’m really vibing with the retro prints and perfectly put words.

Will you vow to take 15 minutes to yourself today? Let me know how you liked this #MondayMaskOff and maybe even share your own ideas, I’ love to hear from you!



P.S. I’m listing the mask below as well as a similar robe in case you want to veg out with the same products the way I did!

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