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I’m a sucker for anything makeup and skincare, make it a sale and I’m in! I wanted to take a moment and share my absolute fave beauty and skincare products at the moment because I wanna share the good, good with you always. Think of it as a Whitneybearr award ceremony and I’m crowning my faves. Check it out!

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Fave Face Wash

I’ve been loving this face wash lately! It takes off all the leftover makeup and grime from the day and leaves my face feeling really clean and fresh. I am super picky about face washes because I feel like some don’t do their job! This one does.

Fave Masks

For the Eyes:

These are the perfect eye masks to throw on after a long day. I keep them in the fridge for extra cooling and lay back and relax while I feel my eyes de-puffing after the day. It may seem expensive but when I worked out how many came in this jar, it really is worth it compared to buying a single eye mask!

For the Lips:

OMG, this is everything!! I have THE worst dry, chapped lips. I’m so bad at keeping them moisturized. I went for it and tried this lip mask and now I can’t live without it. I lather it on right before I go to bed and wake up with super smooth and soft lips. If I forget somedays (like today, geez) I’m stuck with super dry lips all day, my chapstick can’t even save me.

For the Face:

 This mask is super relaxing because it has a super minty, fresh smell and I feel like I have completely fresh and different skin after I use this. It literally wipes away all grime and impurities and leaves me with a great base to throw on serums and such.

Fave Serums

For Daytime:

I never really knew I needed Vitamin C but apparently you do! Vitamin C is crucial to support natural collagen and helps brighten the skin. This serum also has a lovely orange smell and hydrates my skin, leaving me with super fresh skin for the day.

For Nighttime:

This is the newest addition to my skincare routine and I’m fully aware of its powers! Before I started using this I felt like my skin was having a moment, like I was missing something because it just didn’t feel right. The first couple times after you use it, it will tingle and feel funny but when I woke up in the morning I had the softest skin EVER!! The description says it will lift dead skin cells by dissolving the “glue” that holds it to your skin, and I believe it. My skin is feeling fresher than ever. I follow up with my moisturizer!

Fave Moisturizer

So this really is THE magic cream! It’s seriously the softest moisturizer I’ve ever used. It leaves me with baby soft skin and it’s a great base for dewy looking makeup or natural makeup. I don’t use powder because my skin is so dry, so I love this for a hydrated look.

Fave Primer

In continuation with a hydrated look, this primer really brings my skin back to life! It creates a great skin texture for me to build off of, it smells like coconut and I feel like it locks in my hydration for the day!

Fave Sunscreen

I’m obsessed with this sunscreen!!! I usually put this on after my primer, under my makeup every single day. My favorite things about this is that it doesn’t smell, feels lightweight, and it’s almost mattifying! It’s great after I just hydrated the f*ck out of my face to kind of create a balance.

Fave Concealer

This concealer is incredible! It hides everything you want to hide and also creates a highlighted look where you want it to be. BUH BYE dark circles. My only issue was that there are so many different shades that could be for my skin color that I spent 30 mins in the store trying to figure out my shade. I would definitely suggest picking it up in store.

Fave Foundation

I used this a couple years ago and recently just decided to revisit it. I like this for a more full coverage look (I mean, full coverage for me, I like natural!) and it lasts all day if I’m at a job or events. I feel like its in between matte and hydrating so it’s not super drying but also not very dewy. It’s kind of a perfect mix!

Fave CC Cream

If I’m feeling like a lighter coverage day and a really natural look, I always reach for my CC cream. I even wear it to the beach with the SPF 50 I feel like it gives me extra protection and it’s so lightweight that I don’t even notice it on! I also had a couple issues finding the right shade so I usually get the lightest shade for the winter and the 2nd shade for the summer when I’m a little more tan. I can always mix the shades together if I’m in between.

Fave Highlighter

This is literally the best highlighter (and brand for highlighter!) It is so pigmented and they really have the best shades. My favorite shades for my skin tone are Opal and Champagne Pop, depending on the look I’m going for.

Fave Blush

Another fave by Becca, I’m in love with this blush! Especially this coral-y shade. I love to go heavy in the blush department as I have naturally more red skin and the foundation completely covers that and then I feel like my skin has no dimension. Because I’m so pale I don’t go too heavy into contouring, I’d rather use a natural looking blush.

Fave Eyeshadow

I mean, can’t go wrong with the Urban Decay Naked palettes. My favorite one right now is Naked 2 because I’ve been going for more of a natural look. I tend to dip into the left side of the palette on go light on the eyes. But maybe for the holidays I’ll try something a little darker!

Fave Mascara

I love this Mascara! I tend to get allergic reactions to mascara often but this one has been really great for me. I’m also really into the brushes like this so I don’t get clumpy eyelashes, like I said, I’m into the cleaner, more natural look. I also feel like it holds up through watery eyes, sweat, etc.

Fave Brow Gel

I’ve been using this brow gel for years!! I like the clear version because if I went any darker on my brows I feel like I’d look cray. I use the gel to brush my eyebrows up and it holds them beautifully all day!


What are you picking up from the sale?



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