We’re Pregnant / 1st Trimester


If you’re coming from my instagram, I’m sure you already know the news that we are pregnant! I’m so excited to be going on this little journey of life.

To get personal, Oliver and I were “trying but not trying” in our words. We weren’t exactly tracking everything but when the time of the month came around we were always a little disappointed. Since we had just moved back to Orange County, I had just started seeing my primary care doctor and she referred me to an OBGYN for “Family Planning / Possible Infertility”. It was super scary to see those words but it was a little concerning in the back of our minds that it had not happened yet.

We started seeing my OBGYN in October of 2019 to start running some tests to see what the problem was. My tests were coming back great but we were waiting on one more, it had to be taken during my period. Well we were waiting and waiting and little did we know, in November I took a positive test! It was the day before Thanksgiving and my parents were here from Hawaii. Oliver was at work while I took 3 positive strip tests by myself. He came home with every brand of test and we did them all together, all positive! Freaking out, we told our parents and Thanksgiving the next day was so fun but overwhelming. We were all stoked!

Immediately after finding out, I got all the symptoms, of course! Nonstop nausea day and night, I wasn’t able to eat or drink anything. Water tasted like “gasoline” (my own words lol) to me and throwing up everyday really narrowed down what foods I could eat. What was sticking was saltine crackers and mac and cheese. I think I lost 6-8 pounds at this time and was so worried that I wasn’t getting enough in me and just worried about little baby overall.

At our first ultrasound it was so crazy seeing our little “blob” in the photos. At this point all you can see is a blip and a heartbeat, crazy!! All my tests were coming back normal but I still was dealing with intense nausea and fatigue. I felt like I was sleepy ALL DAY LONG! Another symptom was bloating. I felt like I looked pregnant right away due to my bloated belly, but I look back now and it wasn’t THAT bad.

8 week ultrasound
8 week ultrasound
11 week Belly
11 week Belly

Dealing with Nausea

Some things that helped with my nausea were:

  • ginger candies or Preggo Pop Drops (or just any sour candy in general – I liked these Air heads ones, I would just pop 1 or 2 in my mouth)
  • staying fed because when I got hungry the nausea got worse! I had a huge stash of saltines in my pantry and by my nightstand as it was the only food I was eating really. If I was having a good day I would eat some basic Mac and cheese, love the ones from Trader Joe’s or Annies!
  • I had a really hard time taking pills so I got gummy PreNatal vitamins so that at least I could take something, I would throw the pills up everytime.
  • I didn’t think this worked but if I didn’t take them I felt WORSE – a B6 vitamin & half a Unisom tab every night before bed.

I’ll keep you updated as I grow, so excited!



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