Meet My Family


Whitney & Oliver Scherillo

Hey, I’m Whitney and this is my Husband Oliver! We’re married living in South Orange County, CA with our 2 Pomeranians, Ellie and Penny and our son Calvin. I work freelance in the Fashion Industry (I’ve done everything from design to styling photoshoots to social media marketing) and Oliver is a Real Estate Agent in San Clemente. He also is the man behind the camera.


We just got our first house and we’re loving renovating it and decorating it how we want. It’s so fun to take on these projects, I’m so into it! While Oliver works on the weekends I’m a busy bee, painting every wall I can and making a big mess of course.


My 2 pups are Ellie and Penny, both pomeranians. Ellie is 7 years old and her nickname is “Loaf” because she looks like a loaf of bread. She sleeps all day and night and loves a good cuddle. She’s calm and so, so sweet. She loves her “tan time” out on the balcony during the day getting her sun in. She also is a fatty and loves her food.

Penny is our youngest child (lol) she’s 3 years old and she is FULL of energy. She plays nonstop, kisses, and is the most loyal dog I’ve ever met. She follows me everywhere. And she also is obsessed with sunshine.


Ask anybody and they’ll tell you I’m seriously obsessed with these girls. They keep me young.


We got married in 2015 on the Big Island of Hawaii (where my parents live!) in a small little town, Hilo, where it’s super lush and tropical. Oliver proposed to me there the previous year so it was the perfect location to tie the knot. It was such a simple wedding with only our immediate family and it was such a beautiful but chill day.


When we met, Oliver was actually a photographer in the music industry. Now, I drag this guy on every adventure with me and he knows that the camera eats first at brunch! He also doesn’t know I take sneaky pictures of him everywhere we go and deals with my constant outfit changing, long mornings getting ready and my addiction to coffee.


In July 2020 we welcomed baby boy Calvin! Keep up with our adventures into parenthood on instagram!

Wouldn’t have it any other way! If you have questions for us of any kind, feel free to email me, I’d be happy to answer.